Simply Bass

za 1 juli 2017 - 22:00

Spiral (subway & Prspct Xl)
Spiral is known from his appearances at both Subway & PRSPCT XL, Headquarters, Wildstyle & others. In less then 3 years he became a full heavyweight in the game by playing four deck dark & heavy neuro drum and bass. Expect a lot of rollers & bangers!!

Poison Yvy (Drop)

In 1999 Yvette Drenth a.k.a Poison Yvy fell hopelessly in love with jungle/ drum & bass, mainly triggered by the Forms parties in Arnhem at he Goudvishal. When the interest grew into an obsession she packed her sleeping bag every weekend to visit one or more drum & bass parties. After several years of continuous raving it became clear to her; she needed some decks, and fast!

Minor Setback B2b  & Agent Orange 
Agent Orange 
Starting his dnb career when he was 17 decided to support dnb groups as Beezwax and Bassball. Rolling his skills from Prague to Bristol hasn't still lost his love for deep bass.
Minor Setback is bekend van o.a Sub City, Wildlife, Flipside, Goeie Buren, Konkrete Beats en NOIZ. Hij snapt hoe een feestje werkt en laat dit zien met zijn sets die van Liquid Drum&Bass en Jungle tot aan snoeiharde Crossbreed en Hardcore gaan. Vorig jaar draaide hij op Psy-fi al het dak er af en komt dat dit jaar gladjes overdoen.

Vignesh [Simply Bass]
co-founders of Woof Nights and a big lover of Liquid Drum and Bass.Vignesh is playing the wheels of steel since 1998 and still going strong. He's proud to open this night with his liquid mystical yet banging' LPs. So get ready for a trip back and forth in time with the one and only Vignesh.
And the Party hosted by Mc #Metronoom

DATUM: 1 juli 2017
TIJD: 22:00
ENTREE: € 5,-