March 2014

Morningtales has it's 1ts birthdayparty at Loburg!

Morning of the 25th of March 2013 (again you are not here on your nameday, I have you a present), "Once upon a time..." One year before we started with our dream "Morning Tales (by Greek Food Tales... Read more

Vrienden van straks (before: Oud zeer)

Loburg Live
Vrienden van Straks maakt nederpop met luisterteksten Soms poëtisch en gevoelig, dan weer gewoon om te lachen, maar altijd in het Nederlands. De muziek zit tussen pop en rock in. Je hoort soms een... Read more

Jasper Somsen invites ... Anton Goudsmit (guitar) and Efraïm Trujillo (sax)

Loburg Live
From January 2014, jazz lover and musical genius Jasper Somsen will invite an ever changing group of Jazz players and singers on stage in Loburg from all over the world. A monthly changing selection... Read more

Tightropes, (the)Dustbombers and DJ

Loburg Live
Saturday March 1, 2014 LoburgLive together with Popcultuur Wageningen will present the (the)Dustbombers en Tightropes  Tightropes After a crushing 150 shows they gave in the last... Read more

February 2014

Quantum Computers towards a new Computer Era?!

Science Café
Computers have become ever faster over the last few decades. However, with the possibilities of our two-digit technology reaching their limits, Moore’s famous prediction about the doubling of... Read more

Preliminary Kabaal am Gemaal

Loburg Live
For many Kabaal is the unofficiëal kick-off of the festival season. For others it is the chance to perform at the 'Bevrijdingsfestival Wageningen'. Kabaal deceided to organise a 'Kabaal Regionaal'... Read more

Sunday Afternoon Blues, February 23, 2014

Loburg Live
Sunday afternoon February 23, a brand new blues jam session will be held in Loburg. So bring your instrument and join us on stage, or just come and listen! The Special Guest of the month is Robbert... Read more

Party Time smsenzo with Live Caperune

Saturday February 22nd it’s  party time with the 10th anniversary celebration of smsenzo. There will be a live band Capreune and a  variety of  DJ's. The entrance fee of the evening... Read more

Jo' Buddy and friends

Loburg Live
The Finnish singer and guitarist Jo' Buddy caused a real hype with his debut album (made with drummer Down Home King III), which was released in 2006 in Finland. After the successful debut, they... Read more

Jasper Somsen invites ... The Jasper Somsen Group

Loburg Live
From January 2014, jazz lover and musical genius Jasper Somsen will invite an ever changing group of Jazz players and singers on stage in Loburg from all over the world. A monthly... Read more