February 2014

Jasper Somsen invites ... The Jasper Somsen Group

Loburg Live
From January 2014, jazz lover and musical genius Jasper Somsen will invite an ever changing group of Jazz players and singers on stage in Loburg from all over the world. A monthly... Read more

American Hustle | Film & Funk

Loburg and Heerenstraat theater bring you a the best movie and a fantastic party for a compleet night out! Februari 8 at  21:15 the Heerenstraat theater start with, what allready is entitled '... Read more


Loburg Live
After many years of succes with Gorefest, Boudewijn Bonebakker takes a different approach. He calls it ‘Tired of noise’. The honest hard rock of Gingerpig has absolutely nothing to do with noise.... Read more

January 2014

Sunday Afternoon Blues, 26 januari 2014

Loburg Live
Sunday afternoon Januari 26, a brand new blues jam session will be held in Loburg. So bring your instrument and join us on stage, or just come and listen! The warming up and cooling down will be... Read more

Stupid Disko

Stupid Disko was such a succes that we planned the next one in the first month of the year. STUPID DISKO is a relaxed dancenight with the best beats from the past and the hits from now.Dust off the... Read more

Big Jake and the Two-Timers with special guest (saturday night)

Loburg Live
As finishin touch of the Blueskroegentocht we present a very special one at LoburgLive: Big Jake and the Two-Timers met special guest. About 45 years ago Big Jake hits the stage for the first time... Read more

Cats On The Corner

Loburg Live
CATS ON THE CORNER   5 experienced men, going back to the essence of Blues music with bluesharp, bass, drums and vintage Stratocaster. They come with many years of national and international... Read more

Jasper Somsen invites ... Deborah Carter en Thijs Cuppen

Loburg Live
From January 2014, jazz lover and musical genius  Jasper Somsen will invite an ever changing group ofJazz players and singers on stage in... Read more

Musical rememberence of Local Heroes, Remember Job Zomer Jam

Loburg Live
Local musician Jimmy Glasmacher creates a easy going musical afternoon to remember local Wageningen icons, that were an example and friend for many in a social and musical manner. Jimmy, born and... Read more

Tommy Ebben

Loburg Live
Together with PopCultuur Wageningen, LoburgLIve precents Tommy Ebben. Between 2010 and 2013, Tommy Ebben released two albums with his band The Small Town Villains which received excellent reviews.... Read more