Kabaal Regionaal 2019

Tue 26 February 2019 - 19:00



Kabaal Regionaal: the preliminary round for alternative bands from the Gelderland / Utrecht region is back in Café Loburg. On Tuesday 26 February eight bands will enter the stage and compete for a coveted prize: a place at the Liberation Festival Gelderland 2019 - Kabaal am Gemaal podium.

You can also sign up for this, of course!


Do you play in a band from the Gelderland / Utrecht region, and do you dare to take on colleagues from the alternative corner? Write your original work? And will you be able to convince the public of your band in + - 20 minutes on Tuesday 26 February? SIGN UP THEN!

This can be done via: kabaalgemaal@gmail.com, do not forget to email your work with audio / video links BEFORE 25 January.
If you have any questions, you can also mail to the above email address, selected people will be notified by email before 1 February.

Kabaal consists of a group of enthusiastic locals who commit themselves every year to Kabaal Regionaal / Kabaal am Gemaal. The old and new members will judge all selected artists during the 'day of listening' and this is done based on our experience and the presentation of the bands themselves.

Good luck!

DATUM: dinsdag 26 februari, 2019
TIJD: 19:00
ENTREE: gratis