LoburgLive Rocks: Non-Alignment Pact

Fri 12 January 2018 - 23:00

Non-Alignment Pact captures the Zeitgeist of now by playing a modern style-mix of melodic darkwave and raw post-punk.  Subjects like the Cold War, the nuclear treat, terrorism and the escalating arms race seemed something of the past, but are more relevant than ever.  The band translates this into energetic songs, sometimes characterised by depressing wave, sometimes by the anger and despair of punk. 

Their debut album “////” (2016) was well-received by Dutch and Belgian press. Especially the Flemish darkwave scene picked up the music resulting in appearances at Judgement Fest and Gentse Feesten. In the Netherlands the band played venues in Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Nijmegen and Arnhem and a support show for China Crisis. Non-Alignment Pact was founded in 2012 by Martijn Huijgen (vox, guitar, synths), Ger Hermsen (guitar), Tjaco van Cromvoirt (drums) and Marcus Fressmann (bass). 

“Non-Alignment Pact has a powerful sound. It is obvious that they have delivered a strong debut with “////”.” 3voor12 Gelderland (NL) 
“…”////” is an absolute must for postpunk fans who do not need radio-friendly tunes!” peek-a-boo-magazine (B) 
“The four boys from Nijmegen made a solid post-punk album that can be situated between the raw sound of Gang Of Four and the genius of Agent Side Grinder.” Altvenger.com (GB) 
“If there will be an actual 80’s revival, Non-Alignment Pact will be first in line.” White Room Reviews (NL) 
“Dutch postpunk in all it’s glory” Dark Entries (B) 


DATE: Friday January 12, 2018
TIME: 23:00 hrs