Tom Erics & The Funk Machine

Fri 1 June 2018 - 23:00

Hello Funk-Lovers from Wageningen!

On Friday June 1 Tom Erics & The Funk Machine will perform again @ Café Loburg!   
After the success at Woetstok Wageningen 2017 with the Simon & Garfunkel Tribute 'Sound of Simon', Tom Erics launched a new and different project that will make you move your feet.

This is the 3rd concert in a series of Funk, Soul and R&B sessions at Café Loburg. Tom (Keys/Vocals) will be supported by Malte Lessmann (drums), Esther Milberg (Vocals) and Devin Weenink (Guitar & Vocals).

We hope to see you all again, and we would like to thank you all for the amazing atmosphere at the previous gigs.  Let's come together to celebrate, dance, listen, have a drink and a great night!

Keep the funk alive!!

DATE: Friday June 1, 2018
TIME: 23:00 
ENTRANCE: 3 euro