Slamtastic #7 | Poetry Slam Wageningen

ma 14 januari 2019 - 20:00

Who's going to be the 7th Slamtastic Champion?! We'll find out on Monday the 14th of January! Come and check-out the one and only Wageningen POETRY SLAM!

Poetry Slam is a performative poetry competition in which the poets perform their own poems in 3 minutes rounds, judged by 5 jury members randomly picked in the audience. No costumes or music allowed (for the performers, you can totally come dressed as a unicorn if that is to your suiting!)

The Sacrifice: By host Donatella Gasparro
Round 1: No votes
Round 2: Votes
Round 3: Final (top 3 from round 2)

Monday the 14th of December, six slampoets are going to fight it out for the coveted title of "Slamtastic Champion #7", come and find out who will be crowned champion!

When? 14/01/19
Where? Cafe Loburg
What time? Doors open at 19:30, we start at 20:00!
Tickets: €5, can be paid in cash at the door