Deeper Underground – Jamiroquai

Do you want to experience the musical genius of Jamiroquai live? Then you need to check out Deeper Underground!

This 7-piece band reproduces the unforgettable sound of Jamiroquai, delivering an energetic and exciting live show that will leave you wanting more. With their tight musicianship and undeniable passion for the music, Deeper Underground is sure to take you on a musical journey that you won’t soon forget.

So if you’re looking for a fun and thrilling live music experience, be sure to catch Deeper Underground in action. You won’t regret it!

Deeper Underground is a Jamiroquai tribute band, consisting of seven energetic musicians who all are passionate fans of Jamiroquai themselves. This enthusiasm and energy is something they bring with them to every performance they do and this allows them to recreate the original songs so faithfully. Not only do they have a great relationship among themselves, but also with their audiences who are always amazed by the level of devotion that goes into each song setting. With no end in sight, Deeper Underground keeps bringing its unique blend of skillful musicianship and on-stage chemistry to more and more people. So, if you want to be taken deep into the world of Jamiroquai then there’s no better place than right here – with Deeper Underground!

Lead vocals: Hester Gorter
Backing vocals: Afke van Althuis
Backing vocals and saxophone: Leonique Scholman
Keys: Erik Woltmeijer
Guitar: Jürgen Uthleb
Drums: Willem van den Berg
Bass: Niek Wiggerman

Deeper Underground speelt op zaterdag 24 juni 2023 om 20:20 op Woetstok Wageningen in het Torckpark

Woetstok Wageningen
Zaterdag 24 juni 2023
Torckpark Wageningen
gratis entree!

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