Loburg is a Grandcafé in the center of Wageningen where, since 1978, locals and students enjoy the nice ambiance. It started as a small bar which in late 90's was rebuild till what it is now. 
The summer of 2013 we rebuild the entire interior of Loburg to create a new, fresh and comfortable Loburg with LoburgLive for live music and entertainment. 
Café Loburg is still created as two different spaces. The 'old' bar, Heerenstraat side' is suited for a nice beer (special, local, or pilsener), good glass of wine or any other drink you prefer, in a nice informal atmosphere. A bar as you expect a bar to be. The other part is created to fit the standard for high-end facilities. This proffesional level of service and technique gives us te opportunitie to support our LoburgLive performances on stage, and service your PhD party, wedding, graduationreception, promotionparty, birthday or any other reason to celebrate.