May 2014


Science Café
Microbiome: health care by our inner bugs Wednesday (!) 21st of May19:45 live music20:15 speakersCafé LoburgFree entrance Our guts are colonized by about 10 times more microorganisms than we have... Read more

Wat beweegt mensen ten diepste?

Philosophy café is a monthly event not only for philosophers but for anyone who likes to share his opinion. We invite every 2nd Sunday of the month a special guest who'll shares his... Read more

'Rockaholic' with Pioneers Town, Soundwar Stadium, The Anchor Creek

Loburg Live
An evening program dedicated to various genres of rock; a combination of blues rock 'The Anchor Creek', indie rock 'Pioneers Town'band 90s rock 'Soundwar Stadium'. The three ambitious bands have... Read more

Heerenstraat Bevrijdingsfestival

Loburg Live
At liberationday May 5, a fantastic festaival will be organised on the Heerenstraat stage: 13:00-14:00 Pioneers TownThe festiavl will be started by Pioneers Town from Veenendaal. A... Read more

Jasper Somsen invites ... Michiel Buursen Trio (CD presentation)

Loburg Live
From January 2014, jazz lover and musical genius Jasper Somsen will invite an ever changing group of Jazz players and singers on stage in Loburg from... Read more

April 2014

Sunday Afternoon Blues April 27

Loburg Live
Sunday afternoon April 27, a brand new blues jam session will be held in Loburg. So bring your instrument and join us on stage, or just come and listen! The warming up and cooling down will be done... Read more

Dobber Live-Music Kings day

Loburg Live
On Saturday April 26th Royal Kings day at 4 p.m. we have the live band ‘Dobber’ playing outside Funky Jazzy Rocky Music Dobber is a brand new heavy collective of jazz and pop musicians from (around)... Read more


Science Café
19:45 Live music 20:15 Speakers: Hiske van Ravesteijn, Rhoda Schuling and Esther Aarts “Few of us ever live in the present. We are forever anticipating what is to come or remembering what has... Read more

Loburg -G- Live // Soul4Soul

Loburg - G -Live  It is time to put on your dancingshoes en go to Loburg. Friday the 18th we present DJ-Soulglow and G-Live Soul4Soul. These guy's bring you in the right mood for your holiday... Read more

Paul de Graaf

Loburg Live
Saturday april 12, Paul de Graaf and his band will perform on owr stage. Their album 'Tijd' is just released. A couple of songs alreadry had some airplay on Dutch national radio.... Read more