Big Jake and the Two-Timers with special guest (saturday night)

Sun 19 January 2014 - 2:00

As finishin touch of the Blueskroegentocht we present a very special one at LoburgLive: Big Jake and the Two-Timers met special guest.

About 45 years ago Big Jake hits the stage for the first time.

Big Jake is the singer / frontman of The Fake Brothers with whom he played almost all blues venues in the Netherlands, and a few in the rest of Europe. With the Two - Timers he surrounded himself with musicians who also played bands like The Crocats, Captain Gumbo, Toontje Lager and The Bill Collectors .

The vast experience of the band members (with around 100 years, nearly 15,000 performances and over 20 CDs / LPs ) does not stop them from playing thier ass off. The repertoire includes both obscure blues traditionals, as well as more familiar work, and therefore both the blues purist as the 'regular' listener appeal . Big Jake is therefore perfectly in place at festivals and of course this blueskroegentocht. 

DATE: Saturdaynight  Januari 18 - 19,  2014
TIME: 02:00 hour. make sure to be on time, door closes at 02:00 !!!