Bluesroute: Speakizy

Fri 18 January 2019 - 17:15

Affligem Bluesroute Wageningen in Café Loburg!

Bassplayer Gino Jansen, former Fox the Fox is now on stage with his own music SPEAK Izy.

We know him from Fox the Fox from the 80's with various countries in Europe No. 1 hits like "precious little diamond," "Stealing" and "Flirting and showing".

After these successes Gino Jansen was a permanent bassist and composer of Cuby and the Blizzards in the "Harry Muskee gang" and there were some high ranked songs like "Window of my eyes remix 1991" and "Brother Booze" in which some songs have been used In the Dutch golden calf winning film "De kleine blonde dood".

After this turbulent period, Gino Jansen has been busy making his own compositions and respond to studio productions.
If therefore Gino says he composes from his own artistic sense now, you can expect something good. Extensive experience and knowledge translates into balanced music with passion and skills. The grooves are very tasty and danceable music. We have worked hard on a completely unique sound that is not under specific categories groove as "Dutch sounding" or "electronic". A more American touch and feel, which is good considering the musicality without electronic components prevail.

Progress through record label and publishing MasterLabel (co-founded by Gino Jansen) has now released a single with matching clip. We are working hard to complete an album that is in the final stage of production, but proudly wanting the first single to be released earlyer. MasterLabel is currently still small player in the record industry, but will grow by fair recording contracts and produce and publish music on a professional and innovative manner.

There is a band formed for the live CD can present with Gino on bass and of course the experienced and acclaimed singer Vincent Maat, who for years has earned his spurs as a singer in various information including his current live band, "Wilson's Legacy". This new driving music shows sense of music in this digital age of massproduction.

DATE: Friday Januari 18, 2019
TIME: 23:00