Carnival Party!

Fri 1 March 2019 - 21:00

Dearest Party People,

As spring shyly hints with her yearly appearance, the birds start singing, hormonal profiles peak and the stressed student community cries in dancing cravings. Suffer no more, for we have heard your solemn demands and unanimously decided to provide you with an unbelievable, unanticipated experience that speaks to the entire human race on a spiritual level: an outstanding Carnival party! On the evening of March 1st, the souls of party-hungry animals are summoned to join us at Café Loburg in the centre of Wageningen.

To ensure that the venue is as rocambolesque as it will be gezellig, make sure to wear your best costume: there shall be awards for the best picked attires! We will embrace our great responsibility with even greater power and provide you with an epic, unforgettable evening! Luxurious vibes of the best kinds will be served by hand of our DJ(s), fermented beverages will flow down our attendees’ throats and unpredictable lotteries will give you the opportunity to win stunning prizes for you to brag in front of your less-lucky colleagues!

The entrance fee will be 5 euros - remember to bring cash! And don’t hesitate to spread the word, as there will be an unlimited supply of reckless celebration. However, make sure to attend early: entrance might be limited!

The party is organised by PhD candidates of the Laboratories of Microbiology and Systems & Synthetic Biology in collaboration with Cafe Loburg. Come have fun and shake your booty while wearing an extravagant costume; helping scientists to make a better world has never been so easy!

With love,

DATE: friday March 1, 2019
TIME: 21:00
ENTRANCE: 5 euro