Glow Party

Fri 12 April 2019 - 23:00

Dearest Party People,

Little did we know that our previous Carnival Party would gather such an amount of people hungry for hypnotic vibes: thanks to all of you, we managed to set one of the busiest parties that Café Loburg can speak of!

Now, spring has finally started and it has not caught us by surprise, for we certainly know what needs to be done. After meeting our different stakeholders, the only reasonable move is obvious: we must throw another party! But not just any kind of party; we will enlighten you with the most exquisite type of festivity that can possibly be found in the observable universe, a Glow - Neon - under the Blacklight Party! On the evening of Friday, April 12th, we invoke your darkest inner creatures to arise and join us at Café Loburg.

Remember to bring white clothes if you desire to contribute to the brilliant atmosphere. Should you want to make a proper tribal canvas out of your face, fluorescent body paint of multiple colours will be topically distributed at the entrance by our best baroque artists - don’t wait any longer and start brainstorming about your soon-to-be fluorescent face-painting! Glow sticks will be distributed as well, but only to the first attendees, so be there on time. Treasure-hunters: it's also your night - with Easter around the corner, we challenge you to find hidden glowing eggs that will certainly come with a surprise or two! By the lean hands of the super wonderful DJ Costas, hot, varied spicy vibes will be served to accompany you in one of the deepest experiences you will ever have in Wageningen.

The entrance fee will be 5 euros – remember to bring cash! Don’t hesitate to spread the word and tell your brothers and sisters about our majestic aspirations! Again, make sure to come early, as entrance might eventually become limited. Doors will open at 23:00 and the party will go on until 04:00, or until we are kicked out!

The party is organised by PhD candidates of the Laboratories of Microbiology and Systems & Synthetic Biology in collaboration with Café Loburg. Come have fun, shake your booty and be fabulous while glowing more than our beloved fluorescent proteins; helping scientists to make a better world has never been so easy!

With love,

DATE: Friday April 12, 2019
TIME: 23:00
ENTRANCE: 5 euro (only cash!)