Highway to Rosie

Fri 6 September 2013 - 22:00

LoburgLive will start with a bang! As opening band we contracted Highway to Rosie. I won't be a surprise for anybody that they are an AC/DC coverband. Highway to Rosie was founded mid-2006 in the north of Friesland.

The band mainly plays the songs from the early years of AC/DC, wild, raw, whiskey-soaked rock 'n' roll from the Bon Scott era.

In the years that the band now exists she has earned a good reputation at festivals, biker meetings and in pubs throughout the country, and even beyond.

With passion and joy the traditional Bon Scott songs like Highway To Hell and Whole Lotta Rosie are played, interspersed with songs AC/DC actually never played live, such as Kicked In The Teeth or Nightprowler. This will quickly create a hot, steamy atmosphere in which it is guaranteed you can't possibly stand still!

DATE: Friday september 6, 2013
TIME: 21:30