LoburgLive presents: The Wedding Riot + DJ Myluska

Fri 9 February 2018 - 23:00
The Wedding Riot is a project band that performs several times a year.

The band members have a preference for alternative and indie music, and they clearly will show that. The Wedding Riot enthusiastically plays well-known and lesser-known covers, from the 80's to the present (Pixies, Joy Division, The Cure and more). 
Hereby putting down a good sound and the danceable character of the repertoire are paramount. The Wedding Riot finds its origin in the latest editions of the annual large alternative dance festival in the 'Wilde Wereld' in Wageningen.


  • Wiebe Lammers (vocals , guitar - former o.a. Moxa Overload), 
  • Patrick Zimmerman (vocals, synthesizer), 
  • Martijn Boland (guitar – former o.a. Sally & So), 
  • Gerrit Scholten (drums – o.a. Mark & the Spies)
  • Johan van Woggelum (bass – former o.a. Caperune). 

DATE: Friday Februari 9, 2018
TIME: 23:00 uur