Medicine Maze & Freddy Straw

Fri 24 April 2015 - 22:30

Medicine Maze from Ede and surroundings is a straight-up punk rock band, whose pounding, catchy rock songs at least invite to stomp your feet and bang your head, but certainly are excellent for a good party. Throbbing bass, screaming guitars and pounding drums cooperate with the soulful voice of singer Freddy for a firm, but melodic sound that sometimes reminiscent of The White Stripes and The Offspring. Flowing improvisations in "A Journey Through The Subconscious Mind and dynamic structure in the song 'Poison Ivy' show that the boys are well attuned to each other and have a lot to offer.
Determined and with four-man they storm the music scene in Gelderland, including the Rock 'n' Roll youngsters, that gives young bands a chance to act.

Last year, Fred was already on the stage of LoburgLive and gloriously won the Local Heroes @ LoburgLive festival, after which he gave on May 5 Heerenstraat stage an appearance. This time he is back with a lovely solid band.

Fred Goverde: vocals, guitar
Joost van Kommer: guitar
Ezra van der Vlist: bass
Floris de Jong: drums

DATE: Friday April 24
TIME: 22:30