Musical rememberence of Local Heroes, Remember Job Zomer Jam

Sat 11 January 2014 - 14:00

Local musician Jimmy Glasmacher creates a easy going musical afternoon to remember local Wageningen icons, that were an example and friend for many in a social and musical manner.

Jimmy, born and raised in Wageningen came up with this idea on one of his many performances. When he joined the crowd afterwards,he noticed that there allways were stories en memories about these icons. Jimmy created the idea of bringing all this people together an this is the "Musical rememberance of Local Heroes"

It is bound to be a afternoon for everybody with a lot of laughter,music, nice people (local or not) and a lovely atmosphere.Various local and foreign artist will enter the stage to rememberlocal heroes on there own way. 

The first rememberance is dedicated to Job Zomer, A Wageninger that was famous for his passion for Jazz and his social position in Wageningen.

"Remember Job Zomer" jam Januari 11th 2014