Paul de Graaf with ‘De Tijdgenoten’

Sat 11 April 2015 - 22:30

Paul de Graaf 'takes time' in Loburg On April 11,

Paul de Graaf performs with his band "De Tijdgenoten' in cafe Loburg in Wageningen. This is special, because on May 5 the same presenter of the Market Stage with his band will open the Liberation Festival include Waylon , the Kik and Kensington.
"Although we still have a surprise in store for May 5, this is an excellent opportunity to get a full performance of Paul de Graaf & The Tijdgenoten.
Loburg was the last show of  the tour in spring 2014 , and that was a very fine performance.  We used pictures of that perfomance in our clip with the single 'As', which  was high in the iTunes top 100 for a few weeks in January this year. Loburg is therefore a special place for us."
On his album 'TIME' Paul de Graaf lets hear how Dutch music can sound : straight lyrics with a solid sound; his music has been compared to a mix of Bryan Adams and Stef Bos. Time for popmusic with balls and a message!

DATE: Saturday April 11, 2015
TIME: 22:30u.