Popronde Wageningen at LoburgLive: Electric Company

Thu 26 September 2019 - 23:00

Countless genres are categorised pop music. But let's analyse the word 'pop' from that composition. Pop songs are short, simple, melodic, sing-a-long's and quite often danceable. Although open to any other definition, let’s take all of the above into account: Electric Company is best described by that definition. The band around Zac Chapman - born in Nottingham, raised in the Netherlands - is pure pop. You’ll be singing along to their colossal tunes within no time.

He has a lot to say about the lyrics. The Boss is a leading figure in this: 'It's a matter of the listener believing you. Springsteen knows that better than anyone. He's one of us. He has the same daily struggles as we do. That speaks to an audience, there is something about it. A good pop song, it doesn't matter if it was written 30 or 40 years ago, if you can recognise that feeling, then a song becomes timeless. “ With Electric Company, the songs float between sixties and indie pop, the absolute sum of timelessness. The past tour with the Australian DMA’s fits in with this seamlessly.

Facebook: Electric Company
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Electric_Comp

DATE: Thursday September 26, 2019
TIME: 23:00 hrs