Science Cafe: Framing in science

Thu 20 June 2019 - 19:45

Today’s topic revolves around perception of facts, so how individuals, groups, and societies, organize, perceive, and communicate about reality. People build a series of mental "filters" through biological and cultural influences that they use to make sense of the world. The choices they make are influenced by their creation of a frame. Successful framing techniques can be used to reduce the ambiguity of intangible topics by contextualizing the information in such a way that recipients can connect to what they already know.
This Science Café elaborates amongst others on how images are used both pro and con novel technologies. Everyone has most probably seen the scary images with flames from the tap in the discussion about fracking, but did you realize that the same technology is used to harvest geothermal energy, for which very different images are used, and that is surely not perceived as scary? Some of the images are very persistent, and more knowledge does not always help.
The big question is if and how we can achieve responsible research and innovation, which role existing imaginaries play in this, and whether it is possible to create new – well informed - ones together with opponents and proponents. To address this topic in full width we have invited two excellent speakers that come from two ends of the perspective. Dr. Tamara Metze investigates the process of framing, and traveling of frames, whereas Ward van Beek makes use of the power of a good story.

Tamara Metze is an associate professor in the Public Administration and Policy group of Wageningen University. She did MSc’s in Political Science, and Science and Technology Studies, and obtained a PhD in Public Administration at the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests are the (im)possibility of democratic innovations, with special interest in visual framing, boundary work, traveling of facts and uncertainties, and so on.

Ward van Beek is partner in ItsaRep and Advisor Content & PR at World Food Center. He has been in Technology PR and communications since 1993. Before that he was responsible for marketing in the financial services industry. Ward strongly believes in the power of a good story; well told, to the right audience, at the right moment and the right place. His specialty is Technology PR, IT PR, Copywriting, Interactive PR amongst others.

DATE: Thursday June 20, 2019
TIME: 19:45