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Your event at Grandcafé Loburg

Your event at Grandcafé Loburg?

Iets te vieren, een evenement of bijeenkomst?

Our hall is not only suitable to have a nice drink and chat, it is also perfectly suitable for all kind of events and parties for 10 tot 200 people. We have a stage with a excellent sound installation. From singer-songwriters to hiphop and heavy metal. Our music engineers will deliver it in high quality. Want to know more? Download our techsheet for the specification.

Loburg is appropriate for meeting, meetings, parties, graduation and promotion parties, presentations, film, bands, drinks, weddings, funeral, kids parties, talkshows, team presentations, modeshows, jazzclubs product presentations, book presentations and many more!

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Want to know more about our location or available dates? You may want to have additional information or prices? We would like to inform you in a personal conversation. Contact us by mail or phone or visit us in Wageningen. The button below is also suitable to get to know more. 

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