02dec22:30MindFoolRock | Alternative


MINDFOOL is a 3-piece rock band based in Arnhem (NLD) with repertoire in alternative rock.
Important inspirational genres for the band are grunge stoner and post punk. The trio consists of vocalist / guitarist Ernst Brandsen, vocalist / bassist Joris van Glabbeek and drummer Dennis van den Born. Beside a musical connection its three band members found in each other an urge to bring realistic rock music back to life.

MINDFOOL advocates a comeback of human element in music. Recordings of rock gods like hendrix and santana aren’t click tracked for nothing. Its subtle dynamics and tempo changes embed the tracks with a sense of emotion. MINDFOOL tends to seek for these boundaries without becoming inaccessible and sloppy. Listeners will find extreme rawness and intimacy in just one song.

The songs contain a strongly rhythmic oriented approach. Repetitive riffs are alternated with minor scales. Energetic percussions provide the tracks a proper pulse. Bassophilic listeners get satisfied with low melodic foundations and surprising effects.


02/12/2022 22:30(GMT+02:00)

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