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23:00 – 24:00 = Arfu [Simply Bass] [dnb]

24:00 – 01:00 = Vignesh [Simply Bass] [dnb]
A big lover of Rollers. Vignesh has embarked on a DJ career that has taken him to clubs and festivals in The Netherlands since first purchasing up a set of turntables in 1998. His unique approach has caught his ears of dnb rollers such as: S.P.Y, Dunk, Sofa Sound etc; With a hunger to always provide first class entertainment and cutting edge music Vignesh is certainly not afraid to embrace many styles of DNB. Music in his sets which take in the entire spectrum of DnB rather than sit in one style.

01:00 – 02:00 = ADI-J [dnb]
Adi-J lives in Amsterdam and spins her “In Your Face” blend of Drum & Bass at events all around the country, with a list of International gigs as long as your arm and a current Dutch residency at: ‘Cheeky Monday” @ Winston International, ADI-J always moves the crowd!

But things weren’t always like that…
Born and raised in Israel, Adi-J has been expressing her musical side from a young age and has the epic CV as proof! Playing Bass (No surprise there!) Guitar in several high school bands, working for NMC Music’s Dance Department, promoting the highly acclaimed “The Bassground” and running the website of the same name are just a few of her musical endeavours…

02:00 – 03:00 = The High Class [Korsakov]
The high class started getting into electronic music at the early age of 14, when he decided to buy a controller to practice some dj skills.
Around that time he also developed an interest in making and editing video/movie’s , and he started making video’s at some bass music event’s. The connections he made around that time landed him some small gigs, and that is where it al took off.

03:00 – 04:00 = Minor Setback [Flip Side/Sub City] [dnb]
Minor Setback has been playing in clubs and for festivals in every nook and corner of The Netherlands. He shared stages with a lot of established and up-and-coming DJs over the years playing his favourite beats & breaks. Not afraid to mix different subgenres within DnB, his set guarantees a great atmosphere at any party!

Visuals: Made by Stinna

Grand cafe Loburg
Molenstraat 6
6701DM Wageningen, Netherlands
0317 – 420848


24/03/2023 23:00(GMT+02:00)

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