AC/DC door Look What The Cat Dragged

AC/DC door Look What The Cat Dragged

 We are Look What The Cat Dragged In, the most bitchin’ band in Wageningen, preserving our cultural resources from the ‘80s. Our hairs don’t grow and our tunes don’t get old. And we serve international crowds, baby. 

• Our Nightingale: Ana Lee Fitzinwell
• Our Lead Shredder: Blaze Dildeaux
• Our Groove Master: Barry McCockener
• Our Thunder Machine: Stikï Mezz

 We go way back, dude.

 We live antikraak here. Amazing. Super cheap. Lots of space for chicks. And they can’t stay with you so you can throw them out the next day on the base of your contract.

 It’s the easiest repertoire to study for the rhythmless section. Then we also have time to practice our moves.

 Gold. Glitter. Shine. Big hair. Booty. Legs. Fierceness. And our special guest star all the way from Scotland… Willy Warmass on the pipes!

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