Editors door Editorials

Editors door Editorials

A cover project of Editors, a British indie rock, post punk band that is touring the world stages from 2007 till present. We are an initiative for Woetstok only.

Pleased to meet you.

Last year a few of us participated in The Cure’s cover band ‘The Easy Cure’ on Woetstok 2018, this year we’ll be trying to move your feet in a slightly different formation, namely:

  • Wiebe Lammers: voice, guitar and keys
  • Stefan van Jole: guitar
  • Erik Dekker: drums
  • Patrick Zimmerman: voice and keys
  • Johan van Woggelum: bass guitar

Most of us have studied at Wageningen and some are still living here. Others have been wasting another year doubting to move over 😉

We found each other in our compassion for playing music and in our love for the alternative. The band Editors is hereby clearly one of our common favorites. Energetic as they are and experimenting as they do with synthesizers, samples and the more traditional rock gear they manage to move crowds on all kind of festivals.

And that is what you can expect from us. We will do our stinking best to make you dance – although a quiet enjoyment is allowed also – and inspire you to learn more about this beautiful world of indie rock and post punk.

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